Wordless Wednesday – Motivation

Life has been so busy I didn’t make it to the gym for 2 straight weeks.  When I finally found the time on Monday I felt like I was right back at square one. 

Out of breath…sore…sweaty…and annoyed.  All that hard work down the tubes.

So I took this picture as motivation…it’s a good piece of advice.

And it doesn’t just apply to working out.

Is it Friday yet?

Happy to be linking up with Rachel from and then she snapped for this first Wordless Wednesday but with Words post.

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday – Motivation

  1. I think I will write that on my own mirror. taping a pic of some skinny model for inspiration instead just fuels my inner urge to draw a moustache, goatee and horns on her.
    this is better. for both of us.


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