Go Camping They Said. It’ll Be Fun They Said.

For the past 3 summers we have gone camping for a weekend with two other families. Six kids, six adults and lots of laughs. That’s been the usual formula.

This year the weather decided to mess with us and throw a wrench into our well oiled plans. After 3 months of dry and sunny weather Mother Nature decided that the best time to schedule our first rainfall would be on our camping weekend.

And this wasn’t just a little rain…it was a full on storm. And it collapsed tarps and soaked tents. It made us all grumpy and wet and miserable.

And a myriad of other Murphy’s Law experiences ensured that it would be a weekend to live in infamy.

The good news is that we survived. And that the sun came out on Saturday morning and reminded us that not all was lost.

And at the end of the weekend all of the kids declared it to be the best camping trip ever. Mission accomplished.


We crammed a whole bunch of stuff in this car…

great campsite…but not nearly enough trees to secure tarps too…

trying to keep the ground dry for our friends tents…it didn’t really work.

even on a cloudy day this lake is so beautiful.

as soon as the rain stopped we busted out the frisbee…

took a walk through the woods…

and posed for a selfie.

Searching for the perfect rock to put in their summer memories jar.

tough decision.

happy with their selections. Phew!

it was so nice to have a propane fire to keep us warm.

family photo right before our lake swim at dusk. It was light when we went in but dark by the time we got out.


camping is tiring…

Until next year…

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