Enjoying the Cuddles

We are approaching what I consider to be two pretty big milestone birthdays for my girls next month – 10 and 7.

10 is big for the obvious reason that it is double digits – how can I possibly have a child that is in the double digits?! 7 is just an age that feels so much older than 6. I wrote about this feeling before when my oldest child turned 7…but that is only exacerbated with my baby about to hit that milestone as well.

Every milestone with her is more significant. Maybe this is how the younger child gets to make up emotional ground on their older siblings. True the first time you experience a big moment with your first child – lost tooth, first haircut, starting kindergarten, etc – it is emotional. But when its the last time – last first tooth, last first steps, last first day of school – it is bittersweet and for me…really cuts to my core.

My girls are different in as many ways as they are the same. And one of the things I love the most about both of them is that they love to cuddle with their mummy. But with my oldest the moments are fewer and far between. Not so with my little one. Oh how she loves to cuddle…

And she especially knows when I need her the most. When I’m feeling down or exhausted or spread to thin. When I’m emotional and needy…she will always take that opportunity to crawl into my lap and share her warmth and her love. And it is a wonderful thing…


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