Dear Youngest Daughter…

To my little T,

Today you turn 7. I can’t quite believe it. Just like when your older sister hit this age I feel the significance. It feels so much older than 6 and you have changed so much since this time last year.

You are older and wiser. I see your confidence and independence growing leaps and bounds. Your sense of humour has matured – you get things now that you never did before.  Your emotions are more unpredictable.

And yet – through all those changes – you still remain very much my baby. You still climb into my lap and ask to cuddle. You still squish my cheeks together and tell me how much you love me. You still slip your hand into mine as we walk to school.

Every one of those moments makes my heart feel more full and complete. Because there was a time that I wasn’t sure I had enough room in my heart to love you as I loved your sister. I couldn’t imagine being able to love two children that fully and completely. The thought was overwhelming.

I worried about this the whole time I felt you growing inside my tummy. Every day we got closer to your due date my concerns grew. And then you arrived – this healthy, beautiful baby girl – and I looked in your eyes and I knew I had worried for nothing. Because I loved you so fully and completely from that first moment.  And for every moment since then.

You were such a happy, content baby. So quick with your smiles and to show your love. So sweet and always ready to cuddle.

I always said you were a brand new soul – one that had never been here before and was experiencing everything for the first time. You found wonder and joy in the smallest of things and your laughter was infectious.

And then you became a toddler and your curiosity turned you into a trouble-maker. You became a rule breaker. You put yourself in time out before I could even say the words – and you enjoyed sitting there, paying your penance. Because it was totally worth it to have done whatever mis-deed earned you your place there.

But through all your changes you have never lost your smile. Your love for life. And I hope you never do.

You are such a unique little soul. Without you in my life I know I would always feel that something was missing…even if I never knew it was you.

True, you test my limits, you push my buttons, you drive me a little crazy. And there are many a time when I get angry and yell. But the other moments – the moments of love and tenderness and sweetness – are far more plentiful. And they are the ones I remember.

Happy Birthday little T. Your arrival completed our family and proved that my heart did indeed have the capacity to  grow. I will forever be grateful for that lesson and the other  lessons you continue to teach me every day.

I love you.

Love, Mummy xoxo


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