A Girl and Her Lamb

The very first baby item I bought when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby was a stuffed lamb.

I had a stuffed lamb when I was a little girl and when I spotted this one in Chapters one day and absolutely had to have it. It was pure white, soft as – well – a babies bottom, and had the perfect little sleepy expression on it’s face. I fell in love.

Lamby lived in the crib long before we brought our first baby girl home. They bonded right from the start and he has slept with her every night since.


He has gone on all of our trips with us.


Accompanied my girl to every sleepover.


He has played many different roles in my girls imaginary worlds.


And provided comfort when she was scared (like her first visit to the Orthodontist)…


He isn’t as white as he once was and his neck is a little more wobbly than it used to be. But that sleepy look remains…

Last week, one more before school, my girl came into my room with a dark, concerned look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, expecting a complaint about her sister to be the cause.

She shocked me by bursting into tears and sobbing. Like from the depths of her soul sobbing. She was wounded.

I dropped everything and ran to her. It was that kind of sob…

“I can’t find Lamby!” she finally managed to get out between her cries of anguish. “He’s just gone.”

Now…I relaxed slightly at her words because really…it’s a stuffie we’re talking about here. Plus, where could he have gone since bedtime when we hadn’t left the house?

“I’m sure he’s in your bedroom.” I reassured her as I wiped the tears from her face. “He’s just hiding on you.”

And you are absolutely the worst “looker for things” I have ever met. I thought…but didn’t say…

Little sister joined the hunt and we tore the room apart. And we found him. Squished between the bed and the wall – his little face looking up and just waiting to be found.

The relief on her face was so evident. She pulled Lamby to her into a big hug and looked at him right in the face as if to make sure he was okay.

And that’s when I realized that Lamby was much more than ‘just a stuffie’ – he’s a member of our family.

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