time for {minor} rebrand

A few years ago I decided to rebrand my blog  (and attempting to rebrand myself in the same process) and it was a big mistake. The new brand didn’t last long – it felt inauthentic from the start and I reverted back to my original moniker.

But the truth is that my original brand – Writing Down the Bones – has never felt truly right either. The meaning behind it was good but the title was confusing to people who had never read the book.  And also – I had stolen the title of a best selling book as the title of my blog which is never a good idea.

Coming up with a personal brand, an overarching, all-encompassing phrase that sums up everything you are and everything you want to share in a few short words is a daunting process.

And as I learned the hard way the first time around – your brand name should not be based on what twitter and Instagram handles are also still available.

Which brings me here – to another minor overhaul to my brand.  This time the shift is in blog name only – Writing Down the Bones now becomes this write life…

In all my other social media channels I remain @kelsey_bar because that feels right and authentic. And I like that it reminds me of my Poppa…

So welcome to {this write life…} I’m pretty excited about the change. Feels like this one is here to stay.



One thought on “time for {minor} rebrand

  1. Love it !!!!!


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