Kid Speak: Sweet Tooth

My girl had to get one of her baby teeth pulled today.  The stubborn thing just wouldn’t fall out on it’s own and was impeding the adult tooth coming in and making it painful to brush and eat.

She was a rock star at the dentist – handling the freezing and extraction like a champ.

The next day at dinner she pushed away a piece of chocolate cake and – to our shock – explained that it was “way to sweet”!

Me: Wow…never thought you’d say that! I guess you’ve lost your sweet tooth.

T (without missing a beat): Well…that must have been the one the dentist pulled out.

Can I get the dentist to remove mine too?


Kid Speak: World Flag

10yo: Mummy, why isn’t there a flag for the World?

Me: Well, flags are how each country represents themselves. Plus, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t get all the countries to agree on what the one flag would look like.

7yo: That’s stupid. It would just have the world on it. Because we are all a part of it.


So I’m thinking maybe we should just let the kids be in charge for a little bit and see what happens…




Kid Speak: Life as a video game.

Sometimes the deepest thoughts come out of my children’s mouths. It might not be that often…but these are usually the comments that make me stop in my tracks and say “whoa…”

This was one of those moments that my 7 year old hit me with recently.

Context: totally out of the blue and not on topic with anything we had been talking about before this.

“When people get old and pass away it’s like a video game. Like you pass one level and that’s your life..and then you go on to the next level and it’s like…way harder…”

Think about it…and then say it with me…



Kid Speak: New York Danger!

Yesterday while chatting on the walk to school, the topic of my brother & sister in law’s upcoming New York trip came up.  This is conversation with my 10 year old that followed…

Me: So jealous they get to go to New York tomorrow!

M (in a serious but slightly concerned tone): Well…I sure hope the Zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen while they are there.

{pause as I try to figure out where that came from…and then…}

Me: (laughing) I’m sure it won’t

M (clearly unconvinced): Or that the Transformers don’t have to come out and fight someone…like aliens or something. 

Me: Not likely…

M (still very clearly unconvinced): Okaaayyyy…but they should be careful because in the movies that stuff ALWAYS happens in New York.

The best part of the conversation was the concerned and yet kind of jealous tone with which she told the story.

Oh the things my kids say sometimes.