Through a Mother’s Eye: Bathroom Counter Edition

For many moms the shower is a sanctuary.  A place where we can finally be alone and get some peace. A place where no one is asking questions and we can let our minds relax for just a few minutes.

{PS moms of toddlers that still knock on door every 5 seconds while you are in there and maybe even stick their fingers under the door in an attempt to gain access to you…give it a few years and you too will know this feeling of peace. trust me…}

And so it was with great frustration as I stepped out of the shower the other day that I took one look around the bathroom and was faced with a complete to-do list.

It was a to-do list that I firmly believe was born out of a mother’s magical power to see work where others see nothing. This magical power is not my favourite. And I know it’s not very PC of me to say this is only a mother’s power and not a ‘parents’ but I’m sticking with this assertion.

Women view things differently than men. Not better, not worse, just different. And mothers…well mothers view things differently than anyone else. It’s a combination of estrogen and hormones and instinct. We just can’t help it.

For the record, this was the view that greeted me:


And this was what my brain processed in just a few seconds:

BATHROOM through a moms eyes.jpg

A – that’s the last of the Q-Tips. Must go to Costco.

B – the batteries are dead on the girl’s toothbrushes…can I replace them or do I need to buy a new one? Maybe it’s time to buy a proper electric toothbrush. Or is that just a waste of money?

C – Why did I even bother doing up this routine chart? They never follow it. Maybe it’s time to update it or let it go…

D – I really need to get new glasses. Must make an appointment for an eye exam. I think the girls are due as well. Should probably do them first.

E – Optometrist appointment next week. I really hope she’s been turning that retainer every two weeks like she should. Did I send that last cheque in yet?

F – must order more handsoap for little one. It really has made a difference in her eczema.

G – need to get some Drano next time I’m out shopping. There is so much hair in this drain I could make a sweater out of it.

H – I wonder if I can get a replacement band for my Fitbit. I really hope so. I love that thing and hate that it’s broken.

I – Just a general thought that I need to clean this damn counter…again.

Even for me that was a lot to process in just a few seconds…and I wish I could say it only happened that one time. But it didn’t.

My mama eyes are making to-do lists all over the place when all most people see is just what’s in front of them.

Excuse me…I got some stuff to do.

Damn this super power.





Lake Life – 7 Days of Bliss

Way back in 2005 – before we even had one kid let alone 2! – hubby and I started a tradition of renting a lakefront house in nearby Cultus Lake with my extended family.

For several summers in a row we came to the cottage – and introduced both our girls to the joys of lake life.  And then the house we usually rented was sold to new owners and we lost our “in”.

This summer – for the first time since 2010 – we went back. The 4 of us along with my mum, aunt, cousin and 93 year old Nanny! The minute I drink in this view for the first time…


….it’s as though my body exhales and I am at peace. It’s a truly amazing feeling.

The weather this time around wasn’t great for the first few days but it came around and gave us 2 spectacularly sunny days at the end.

And one of the biggest perks this year was access to a canoe! What a great way to explore the lake…


There were too many memories to write about so I will let the pictures tell the story:

What a wonderful week we had. So sad it had to end. But end it did…with the traditional family photo on the deck:


Do we really have to wait another whole year before we go back. Sniff…


Fireworks & Flashbacks…

Every year when the Celebration of Light dates are released we say – “let’s take the girls right downtown this year and really experience them up close.” And it sounds like a great plan until we remember that means getting there 5 hours early to secure a spot and fighting crowds of thousands.

Suddenly the great idea doesn’t sound so great and we usually decide to watch from the other side of the water in stead.

This year that all changed thanks to a very kind offer I received at work for 4 tickets to sit in the reserved grandstand seats at English Bay.  We could arrive at 9:55pm if we wanted and still have some of the best seats in the house.

It was Disney putting on the show on Saturday and the crowd was expected to be record breaking – we found out later that it was so big they had to close down access to English Bay!

We decided to take the Canada Line downtown and then walk down Robson to fully experience the evening. We stopped for ice cream along the way….


We were in no rush – reserved seats remember? – so it was a lovely little Saturday night stroll…just us and 125,000 of our closest friends.

We got to Denman – which was closed to cars – and walked down the middle of the road pointing out the restaurants we used to frequent when we lived in the area.


Then we detoured down an alley to show them the building where we lived way back before we were even married.

It was very odd walking down that alley where hubby and I had walked so many times before – just the two of us – now each of us holding the hand of one of our daughters.


The view was so familiar and at the same time the memory so distant. We finally made it to the little building with its private courtyard and pointed out the window of the 400 sq. ft bachelor that first daddy lived in and then we both did.

The girls were kind enough to pretend to be really interested when all they wanted was to get to the fireworks already. And so we headed down towards the beach and the huge crowd.


I have to say – walking along that road – so many happy people around us my thoughts turned to the recent events in Nice and how horrific that must have been. I hate that is even something we need to think about but I was on high alert as we walked through the crowd and was definitely holding on a little too tight to my little ones hand.

Finally…we made it to our seats in the YVR observation deck and – oh my god! – the view was amazing!


It was 9:35 so we watched the crowds for a bit, hit up the washroom (no lines!) and then it was show time…


The show was really amazing and it was so much fun to sing along to the Disney songs. Of course, it was over all too quickly and then it was time to face the crowds again and make our way to the Canada Line station to come home. The line at the station was huge – and the girls were exhausted at this point…

Luckily it moved quickly (and very efficiently considering it was transit!) and we were soon on the train coming home. A very enjoyable night behind us and a promise finally fulfilled.

Let’s (maybe) do it again next year…



May 2016 in Photos

It’s amazing to me how much we cram into every month.  How many special events we are lucky enough to attend.  How many school assemblies and soccer games we go to that cry out to be photographed. And that’s not including the little moments that we try to capture.

I can’t possibly write blog posts on every single one – although I wish I could – but I can (usually) manage to at least take a few pictures.  And so I have decided to do a monthly post where I can include images from all the special moments from the past month.

Works Yard Open House:

Every year the City of Richmond invites residents to come and tour the city works yard. Employees are on hand to answer questions and explain what their department does. There are tons of fun activities for kids and my girls just like the idea of hanging out at Daddy’s work for the day…

A Night at the Beach:

One night we found ourselves with nothing on the calendar – how rare is that? – and an itching to get out and just “do something”.  So we packed up a blanket and the beach toys and drove to Garry Point Park to do some digging in the sand. Great way to spend an {almost} summer evening…

Jumping Ditches:

As a kid I remember Richmond having ditches everywhere.  It was a right of passage to learn how to jump over them – especially the really wide ones! – without {almost} falling in. Most of the ditches have been filled in now but there are still a few.  We found ourselves near one and the girls showed me they have earned their ditch jumping badge. Bonus: they had a zipline swing too.

Plane Watching:

Coming home from a birthday party one Sunday night the girls begged for me to stop at the “world park”. It’s actually called Flight Path Park because it’s right under one of the main runways at YVR. We stopped and watched the planes…and little one did some meditation because…well…because that’s what she does.

Billy Elliot:

I was given four tickets to see the Arts Club production of Billy Elliot and I had the idea that we would go as a family.  When I called to book the seats I mentioned bringing my 7 year old and the lady paused and said “you know there is a lot of bad language in this right?” Clearly I didn’t – nor did I realize the movie was actually rated R (!) – and so I had to leave the youngest at home with daddy and take my 10 year old and my mum and aunt in their place.  There was some questionable language but that was easy to overlook with how good the production was. So much fun.

Random Awesome Moments:

Giant camping chairs & hot dogs for dinner at Costco. Novel writing on the front lawn. Being silly at the dinner table. Figuring out how a cordless phone works. Showing off your monkey bar skills.

These are the moments…

May was pretty awesome. You got some big shoes to fill June…


Canada vs Mexico (a house divided…kind of)

This past weekend we were very fortunate to have been given tickets to one of the biggest soccer matches Vancouver has ever hosted – a FIFA World Cup Qualifier match between the Canadian Men’s National Team and Mexico.

As some of your may know, my hubby was born in Mexico so this was a bit of a divisive match. He swore he would cheer for both and wore paraphernalia that represented both teams…but I knew his heart would be with Mexico.  And that was a-ok with me.

When our tickets arrived there was a surprise fifth ticket in there which meant we were able to take my father in law to see his homeland play live for the first time in decades.

The atmosphere was amazing – 55,000 people in the arena, flags waving all over, chants echoing through the crowd – it was pretty cool.

The game itself wasn’t really a contest – with Mexico (the clear favourites) dominating the match and winning 3-0.

As much as I was cheering for a Canada victory (or at least a goal) there was something very special about watching hubby and his dad enjoy the Mexico victory.

From their salute during the national anthem…


to their faces watching the Mexican players celebrate their first goal:


Right down to when we walked out with the Mexican flag proudly flying…


Heritage and family history is so important and I think it was wonderful for our girls to experience a little bit of Mexican pride first hand at this game.

Even if at the very end I made hubby drape himself in all things Canada for this photo:


As my girls continually chanted during the game…